Stair Marathon: lose weight quickly  

Friday, 9 July 2010

In the Philippines there is an alternative form of marathon that surely can aid one to lose weight quickly. This fitness innovation is called stair marathon. Unlike the conventional, one no longer needs a field and track oval or to be wary of his safety in security running around the neighborhood. He or she can do the activity inside the comfort of their own homes or office buildings.

Normally, this activity originated in the commercial districts of Metro Manila perhaps in Makati and Ortigas areas where high rise edifices are located. It was discovered that the same amount and energy is given off; however, more fats are burned especially when going up.

Actually, there are mechanics on how to do this. One simply runs up and down the stairways with utmost care to avoid injuries. Perhaps, you did the same when the elevator was jammed or you are beating a deadline on the other floors. You can hold on to the rails as you move upward or downwards. You can skip one step to cover large distance or jump down for shorter time.

Aside from the benefit of space, stair marathon conditions your leg muscles consistently because of the equal surface area of each stair steps. Third, if something bad happens, one can easily ask for help from the front desk or from the security personnel.

Just recently, the police force included this physical activity as a requirement for their applicants as well as those who are already in the service especially for the members of the SWAT (Special Weapons and Tactics) Team.

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