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Monday, 5 April 2010

Bitter Orange weight loss

Believe it or not, bitter orange has some strong medicinal properties, and even though it is not touted much, you might be surprised that it could help a medical condition you or a loved one is experiencing.

Bitter Orange has been shown in studies to facilitate in weight loss as well as speed up metabolism. While some experts question the authenticity of the study, unlike drugs the most worst that can happen if you have a few slices of bitter orange is some added vitamin c.
Other reports are surfacing that show a direct link between the consumption of bitter orange and the health of the cardiovascular system. Many of the studies cited show that the use of products containing bitter orange such as citrus aurantium and zhi-shi do help in giving extra life to the cardiovascular system.

The major substances in bitter orange are synephrine and octopomine. While there is controversy concerning its importance, structural wise, synephrine is similar to that of ephedra extract which has been banned in many countries thanks in part to its adverse side effects.
However, even with this knowledge, people still continue to consume bitter orange in hope that it will help in weight loss as well as cardiovascular problems. This may be due to the fact that they are na?ve concerning the controversy involving synepherine or it could be that they thing the benefits out way the risk.

But even though both chemicals are structurally similar, it should be noted that like in many other cases, these harmful chemicals, inside the plant, fruit etc, are not harmful. However they do become dangerous when extracted and used in isolation. This is not true of every chemical but orange is a prime example as it has toxic chemicals that are used in explosives; however, once they remain in the orange their effects are neutralized.

The controversy still rages on, however it should be noted that there are many other less controversial ways to achieve weight loss, and bitter orange is not the only way.

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