Losing weight without starving yourself  

Saturday, 13 February 2010

Losing weight without starving yourself

Believe it or not, most fad diets are actually practicing starvation. Limiting your calories to less then what the body requires operating under normal conditions is nothing more than starvation. If you want to lose weight properly there is only one way to do it. Start thinking healthy, one you begin to think healthy, put it in practice.

If you’re tempted to buy that cheese cake at the grocery store, find a substitute. That 32 ml of coke isn’t doing you any good, exchange it for 100% fruit juice or better yet water. Next, you want to start getting out more. If you’re lazy at heart, start thinking exercise. Stop taking short cuts concerning exercise. Just by taking the stairs instead of the elevator can provide a great deal of exercise. Ride a bike on a weekly basis, take a stroll around the block in the morning or afternoon and get to know your neighbors.

Weight loss isn’t so hard once you are prepared to make sacrifices, but under no circumstances should you deprive yourself of food in order to lose weight, unless it is for short periods of time, otherwise you could end up with eating disorders.

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